Value Stream Mapping and the Kanban System

This course provides both an overview of the Kanban System and how it integrates with Value Stream Mapping.

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Course Overview

This course provides both an overview of the Kanban System and an explanation of how Value Stream Mapping and the Kanban System integrate. These systems compliment each other and are key building blocks of an effective pull system. You will learn the various types of Kanban, their unique uses, and how a Kanban System will enhance the efficiency and reaction rate of your organization to changing demands.

An in-depth understanding of a Kanban System, as well as the abnormal conditions you may encounter upon creating a Kanban System, is vital to a comprehensive Value Stream Mapping system. This course on Value Stream Mapping and the Kanban System will get you on the right track.

Why take this course?

To understand how you can implement Kanban in your value stream

What am I going to learn?

  • The differences and uses of the three types of Kanban
  • How Supermarkets are used in the Kanban system
  • How to counter abnormal that may occur in a Kanban system

Who is the intended audience?

People looking to implement Kanban alongside their other value stream improvements

What am I going to receive?

  • An in-depth instruction on all things Kanban
  • PDF transcripts for your review
  • A list of the terms used in the videos and their definitions
  • Power Point presentations to support your learning
  • A badge rewarded upon successful completion of the course

What are the prerequisites?

A basic understanding of Value Stream Mapping

Course Curriculum

An Overview of the Kanban System00:00
The Three Types of Kanban00:00
Supermarkets and Inventory Control00:00
Countering Abnormal Conditions of a Kanban System00:00
Quiz – Value Steam Mapping and the Kanban System00:15 © All rights reserved . MT