Value Stream Mapping and Discrete Manufacturing

This course explains what Cell Manufacturing is, where it originated, and how it can be used to streamline your operations while creating…

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Course Overview

What is Cell Manufacturing, where did it come from, and how can it best help create value for my facility? The answers to these questions and more will be addressed in this course on VSM and Discrete Manufacturing.

You will learn what Cell Manufacturing is, where it originated from, and how it can be used to streamline your operations and create a more engaged and cross-functionally trained workforce. The different ways you can establish, maintain, and assess the functionality of your implementation of Cell Manufacturing will also be addressed.

Why take this course?

To understand the Lean answer to process layouts

What am I going to learn?

  • What cell manufacturing is and how it is used in modern business
  • How to analyze operations to prepare for cell manufacturing
  • How to convert to a process-based layout

Who is the intended audience?

People who want to improve their value stream

What are the prerequisites?

A foundational understanding of Value Stream Mapping

What am I going to receive?

  • Videos that show how to use VSM for cell manufacturing
  • PDF transcripts for your review
  • A list of the terms used in the videos and their definitions
  • Power Point presentations to support your learning
  • A badge rewarded upon successful completion of the course

Course Curriculum

An Overview of Cell Manufacturing00:00
How to: Cell Manufacturing 1 – Understanding the Current State00:00
How to: Cell Manufacturing 2 – Converting to a Process-Based Layout00:00
Quiz – Value Stream Mapping and Discrete Manufacturing00:15 © All rights reserved . MT