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The Reasoning behind Standard Work
The Need for Standard Work
Quiz – The Importance of Standard Work
15 minutes
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  1. Avatar of Jani Chrissafakis Jani says:

    Clear, easy to understand and useful

  2. Avatar of Pradeep Fernando Pradeep says:

    Understand and Very Useful.

  3. Avatar of Joksimovic Marija Joksimovic says:

    Essential on Standard work

  4. Avatar of Michael Herleman Michael says:

    Understandable & concise.

  5. Avatar of Jorge Rivas Jorge says:

    Very useful!

  6. Avatar of Vern May Vern says:

    Great primer
    Completion of this course encourages students to explore the learning that is available with a premium membership.

  7. Avatar of Brion Hurley Brion says:

    Good place to start to understand lean
    Good overview without digging into standard work details, which can quickly complicate the topic © All rights reserved . MT