Course Curriculum

Targeting the Improvement Area for a Kaizen Workshop
3 minutes
Current State Analysis for Kaizen Workshops
The 5S Exercise for Kaizen Workshops
Creating One-Piece Flow through Kaizen Workshops
Trial Runs & Cycle Time Analysis for Kaizen Workshops
Documenting New Standards based on Kaizen Workshop Improvements
Maintaining Kaizen Momentum with the 30-Day Action Plan
Continuous Improvement with the Kaizen Newspaper
Moving Forward After the Kaizen Workshop
Quiz – Stages of the Kaizen Workshop Process
15 minutes
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Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Stéphane Canarelli Stéphane says:

    Crystal clear !
    Course extremely well structured and documented.
    Compact format for maximum impact.
    Meaningful quiz.

  2. Avatar of Esteban Rodríguez Esteban says:

    Very complete course.

  3. Avatar of John Hooley John says:

    Stages of the Kaizen Workshop Process
    Excellent run through of what is required to conduct the event © All rights reserved . MT