Course Curriculum

The Definition and Benefits of Kanban
How Supermarkets Work in the Kanban System
Basic Kanban Builds and the Kanban Board
Governing Kanban: The Six Rules
Introduction to Kanban
15 minutes
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Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Hristo Dzhenkov Hristo says:

    Thank you for the simple and good introduction to Kanban.

  2. Avatar of Aman Mittal Aman says:

    very valuable training…

  3. Avatar of Gerard Ravasco Gerard says:

    Thank you for introducing kanban in a simple yet comprehensible way.

  4. Avatar of Diana Flores Diana says:

    Introduction to kanban
    A very good introduction to the course. It would be very useful in my work experience.

  5. Good introduction
    Thank you for the good and easy to understand explanation.

  6. Avatar of Xav G Xav says:

    liked the course. Good introduction course to Kanban

  7. Avatar of Delfim Casal Delfim says:

    A very good introduction course. Congratulation and thank you © All rights reserved . MT